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Thread: draft FAQ?

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    ... was going to title this "go FAQ yourself", but somehow that seemed inappropriate
    and the intent would undoubtedly be misunderstood (I'm a sucker for bad puns,
    and the phrase quite literally is the subject).

    Someone else is going to have to pick up the FAQ for there to be progress.

    Lots of pieces of good ideas have surfaced as FAQ suggestions (e.g., driver/part
    compatibility charts that already exist here, full and layman's guide to recone/refoam
    and why, etc... ). Search for FAQ and look at recent posts.

    Happy to pick this back up at a later time if effort is still required, but
    I'll be out for awhile. You kids have fun (hopefully "two eyed" fun and games ).

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    Hi Grump... you are certainly on to something here and there have been several very good additions to your initial list. We need to flush this out with answers and links... once accomplished we can post a cleaned up version as a sticky and then it would be available to all newbies... and those who miss it could always be directed to it.


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    WTB should be separate from For Sale.With search capabilities for both.Type in what you want or what you are selling and get an instant response,then pm to complete transaction.

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    Draft FAQ 1.2 (inserted a few more bits, still needs work)


    Q: How do I use the forum?
    A: The mechanics for setting up and getting around are found here:

    Q: Are there rules for using the forum?

    Q: How is this site moderated?

    Looking for information

    Q: What is this (fill in the blank)? ...which might more appropriately be...
    Where can I find info on (fill in the blank)?
    A: Have you looked in the Library? It can be awkward to search through,
    but many items are there, old and new.
    A: " " " " " Technical Reference Section?
    A: Is it Lansing (JBL or old-Altec) related? if not, you might ask here (and might
    get a knowledgable answer), but there are generic audio forums elsewhere.
    A: Upload some pictures... someone might recognize your "find"

    Q: Effective search techniques?

    Q: Physical Enclosure information? (view and contribute):

    Q: Serial Number information? (mostly contribute)
    A: A member-run registry is here:


    Q: How much is (fill in the blank) worth?
    A: Ebay can be a good indicator of current monetary value. This site is not
    a replacement for doing your homework and knowing your market. Responses
    you may receive are opinion only, but may be based on some level of
    experience (don't get too disappointed or excited prematurely).

    Q: I'm selling or buying some large speakers, how should they be packed to
    reduce the chance of damage?
    A: A multi-member contributed thread on the topic:
    A: Another example of a well packed low-frequency transducer:

    Q: I have stuff for sale, who wants to buy it?
    A: Specify a price or "make me an offer" and ask for responses via PM
    (expect low offers)
    State if/when sold or no longer for sale (for whatever reason).
    Don't "threaten" to put it on Ebay... just do it.



    Q: My JBL (fill in the blank) is broken... where can I get it fixed?
    A: Naturally, at your local JBL Authorized Service Center ... or failing that,
    feel free to ask for recommendations here. Try to describe the issue fully.

    Q: My Altec (fill in the blank is broken... where can I get it fixed?
    A: Aside from the Unofficial Altec Lansing web site for references,
    you -might- actually try Altec
    or Great Plains Audio
    or ???

    Q: Should I recone or refoam?
    A: Probably. If you can't tell, perhaps someone may respond with a referral
    to a local professional. If the surround is shot, it is quite possible that
    the the voice coil suspension (spider) is following suit. Reconing is always
    preferred (and recommended by JBL) unless the recone kit is No Longer
    Available (NLA).
    A: The following is a member-contributed step-by-step photo and caption
    thread for resurrounding a JBL low-frequency transducer:

    Q: Where can I buy a recone or refoam kit?
    A: Recone kits from the factory are only available to authorized service centers.
    From there, it's up to the servicer to uphold his agreement with JBL to not supply
    an un-authorized person with a recone kit, or risk losing his service account.
    A: Refoams are not factory recommended, but there are a number of vendors that
    sell "kits" with instructions. A forum search should turn up several.

    Q: I have a set of speaker drivers, can you help me design a speaker system?
    A: Do some homework, put your ideas out there... you'll no doubt get opinions
    along with some useful information. It's up to you to sort it out.

    Q: Should I modify my crossover?
    A: Is it broken? Might you be better off with a different system?
    There are some documented success stories within. Use the search function.

    Q: What (fill in the blank) are best?
    A: The one's you installed in your modified (fill in the blank).

    Q: My JBL or Altec-Lansing computer speakers are not working
    A: Unfortunately, such equipment is outside the scope and intent of this site.



    Wood/Vinyl (e.g., tung oil & turpentine, Howards Feed&Wax, Watco, ...)
    Cloth/Foam (e.g., JBL Studio Monitor Blue, L100 quadrille foam, ...)
    Paint (e.g., matching JBL Studio Monitor Blue)
    Driver coatings (e.g., whitening Aquaplas)

    If possible, download and check the Owner's Manual for cleaning guides


    Replacement Parts

    Q. Where can I buy/get:

    Grille cloth, Speaker surrounds, Cone assemblies, Diaphragms, Foilcals,
    Knobs, Lansaloy, Goop (aeroflex?), Crossover parts, Nameplates, etc...

    A: There is the obvious: (product support)
    Then there's the not necessarily as obvious:
    Member supplied materials/services/recommendations
    (e.g., Grille cloth, sources for speaker surrounds, foam grilles, foilcals ...
    some being reproduction, some "recycled", some old stash)
    Ebay, Craigslist, ...



    Fiscal: (see the Donate button)


    Posting: Please try to post in an area that makes sense, try to maintain a
    modicum of willpower before posting hastily and unecessarily.

    Efforts: Hosts, organizers, moderators, group projects, ...



    Suggested Reference Material

    Theile/Small Parameter Definitions

    Measuring T/S parameters

    (pointer to CLIO thread(s))

    (pointer to RTA thread(s))

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