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Thread: Describe your HIFI -system

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    Niklas Nord

    Describe your HIFI -system

    I have

    Main Speakers: JBL 4312 mk2 (temporary while building)
    AMPS: 2 x NAD S200
    PREAMP: Thule Audio PR150B
    CD: Denon DCD-3000
    Cables: A collection of different DIY like rg62 and so on..

    Room: 38 square meters, not any special treatment right now.


    Future plans:
    Build two main speakers and 4 subwoofers. Buy two LEM DX26 and modify/change some parts and so on.. use as active crossower. Thining of the TacT 2.2x also !

    Move to a house! Think I have to wait though



    4 x JBL 2123H
    4 x JBL 2202H
    2 x JBL 2235H
    1 x JBL 2225H
    2 x JBL e-155/2240/2245 -empty baskets, recone to 2245
    3 x JBL 2225/2235/2234 -empty baskets, recone to 2234 or 2235

    oh my go.. THATS 16 DRIVERS

    --- That´s my setup

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    Senior Member Don C's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Santa Rosa CA
    CD: Nakamichi MB2
    Turntable: Modified AR
    Pre Amp: Hafler DH110
    Power Amp: Belles 200
    Speakers: JBL 240Ti
    Regular Monster cable.

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    Front Speakers: JBL 4344's
    Rear Speakers: JBL 4312's
    Centre: Modified JBL 4313
    Front Speaker Amp: Crest 6001
    Rear Speaker Amp: AB Profesional Series 200
    Centre Channel Amp: AB Profesional Series 200 in Bridged mono
    Preamp: Sony E9000ES


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    Senior Member herve M's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Speakers: 434x (K140,2123h,2430+2332)
    3310(cinema series surround)
    Control One

    Amp: JBL6260,
    crown DC300A2, D150A2, D75
    Audioresearch D52B

    Preamp Crown DL2
    Preamp AV Proton AS2631

    CD Pioneer PDS901
    DVD teac

    Herve M

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    Niklas Nord
    any other`?

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    Administrator Robh3606's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    I am running a quad amp system with:

    Left and Right Le-14 A subs powered by plate amps
    2035, 2122, and 2416 with 2344A as my mains

    Amps Crown PS200 and 2 150 Series 2

    Center channel is an home built Urie 811C powered by a strapped Crown 150

    Rears are L20t soon to be upgraded to 2118 and 2404 powered by reciever front L/R

    System control I am using a Sony ES reciever GA8ES as my preamp and have Urei 839 for EQ L/C/R and use a jbl M552 and M553 as my active crossovers.

    AR HO12 LFE sub to be upgraded to a third LE-14 sub. CD player Sony CA70ES and SACD Sony 755 Vinyl when set up uses a old Technics SU-A6 preamp and either an Empire 698 or a Dual 5000 with a Shure V-15 4


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    "new and improved" JBL Dog's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    In the "Dog House"

    JBL 4343
    McIntosh MC7270 amp
    McIntosh C32 pre-amp
    Sony CD player

    This message comes from JBL Dog

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    Stored in france

    My brother system's

    1 studer CD player
    1 marantz preamp
    2 Crown DC300 II
    JBL 4435

    My current system
    CD phillips
    AMPli marantz
    Control5 + SB5

    2x 4628
    2x 4560
    2x 2226H
    2x 2450J+2350
    2x 2450H+2482
    3x 2441+2390
    2x 2420
    2x 2470
    2x LE85+2307
    4x 2345
    2x 2327
    3x 2402
    2x 2403
    2x 2405
    2x E145
    2x 6260
    1x 6230
    1x 6020
    1x SA660
    1x M553

    2x15cells+S2 Vitavox
    1 active crossover Vitavox

    2x WE2080A mint
    1x WE2080A need repair
    1x ALTEC515 need new cone
    1x WE2090A
    1x WE30150
    2x 10cells horns WE2094A

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    Here is my system..

    Audio Research VT-150 Tube monoblocks
    Audio Research LS2B MKII
    Sony XA7ES CD player
    Sony JA50ES MD Player
    Marantz DR17 CD Writer
    Marantz St17 Tuner
    Nakamichi CR7E Cassette Deck
    Sony DTC60ES DAT Tape
    Linn LP12 Sondek Valhalla
    Klimo Tube Phono Stage

    JBL 250TI
    Van den Hul SCS-2 Speaker Cables
    Gutwire Chime XLR ýnterconnects (Pre>Power and CD> Pre)
    Van Den Hul Integration Interconnects

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    Currently I use:

    - Thorens TD124 turntable with EMT 997 tone arm and TSD15 cartridge
    - Marantz 2100 Stereophonic Tuner
    - TEAC VRDS-25X CD-player
    - Technics DVD-A10 DVD-Audio-player
    - DAC5 with DIR1703/PCM1730 module
    - Audio Research SP-3 preamplifier with power supply upgrade and Lundahl MC-transformers
    - Cayin 788 amplifier (KT88 Push-Pull, 2x25/50W, Triode/Ultralinear)
    - JBL 4430 Studio Monitors (best speakers I ever owned)

    For the SP-3 upgrade and the DAC5 project please refer to:

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    Registered User MJC's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    5 L212 speakers
    B212 sub with new plate amp
    Marantz 880 receiver as a prepro
    2500 Parasound 5 channel amp
    Toshiba DVD player
    Toshiba 65" HDTV
    4DTV 922 c-band sat. receiver
    HDD200 HD decoder

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    Senior Member Doctor_Electron's Avatar
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    May 2003
    California Central Coast, USA
    I use a late 70's Advent 300 receiver for the preamp; CD player is a Yamaha CDX-396 (single disk player & amazing sound quality for the price); an Alesis Matica 500 Professional dual-channel power amp (IMHO probably the best sounding amp I've heard); A Denon AVR-85 HT receiver for AM & FM tuner; and a pair of JBL 4410 Monitors (with the 035TiA tweeters replaced with 2404 "baby cheeks"). The system is currently set up in a small RV, so the 2235 based subs are not used. This basically gives a "nearfield/midfield" enviornment, which the 4410's seem to excel in (incredible soundstage & imaging and very dynamic response, which the system could never achieve when used in a larger room).
    On the Chesky CD "Classics & Jazz " CD the demo track featuring a tom-tom drum being struck while circling an omnidirectional microphone, the 360 degree rotation is produced with about 320 degrees of rotation...again, uncanny imaging which surprised even this grizzled, jaded listener. On my set of first generation Beatles CD's (not listed as remastered, and with minimal digital editing or "cleanup"done), every edit, punch-in, gain riding event etc. etc (MANY, MANY) are very audible in the mix. This system as setup reminds me very much of sitting before a pair of 4310's while working at Schaffer Electronics Corp., ("THE" broadcast automation outfit) in the 70's, with source material from Scully, Ampex, ITC & Studer 1/2 track tape decks @ 30 IPS (but NOT quite). Of course, though, it is an ever-evolving system (where is that grail?".

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    Apr 2003
    My system is largely Passlabs diy based electronics,

    Pearl discrete J fet phono stage
    Bride of Son of Zen Balanced Line Stage
    Pass Aleph 2 mono blocks 100

    The front end is vintage as is some other stuff
    Kenwood KD 650 T/T
    FR12 Arm
    Mc301 cartridge

    Phase Linear 700 series 2
    HK PT2500 Tuner Pre with dolby pro logic

    Other sources
    Pioneer 626 DVD
    CEC Audiophile CD

    FOH JBL 4430/4345 hyprid
    Rears are Century L100's

    In progress is a Pass AX Aleph Class A Power amp (diy) with super symmetry balanced design. I also plan to try active operation in the near future.

    The Pass amps, although diy, easily surpass any commercial product I could afford in this life time. For details see
    Image of Aleph 2 attached
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Member locanti's Avatar
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    Apr 2003

    Main system

    JBL 4333AWX modified
    136A wooferLower-320Hz
    D216 front loaded mid bass320Hz-1200Hz
    806 drivers(Altec sorry) mid high 1200Hz-8KHz
    ft90h(Fostex) tweeter8Khz-Upper
    Beard CA35 preamp
    Home build 3 ways tube X-over(Marantz model)
    Audio research Classic 30 bass
    Heathkit AA100(Amp section) mid bass(Rebuild and modified)
    Hirage class A 20W mid high and high
    Teac p10 CD driver
    Wadia X32 converter
    Technics SP-110 turntable+SME 3009+Denon DL103
    SAE 2 tuner

    2nd system

    JBL C56 DORIAN(JBL S1)+L100
    Sansui G8000 receiver
    Teac VRDS 10 cd
    Thorens 145MKII+ Audio technica 20SLA

    Video system
    Pionner amp and DVD +Audax loudspeakers rear+center+front (Home made system in the walls)
    Sony Wpl400 videoprojector

    Living room system
    (my wife didn't want my ALTEC A7 copy)

    JBL C36 (Copy) with JBL 030
    Leak stereo 20amp+point-one stereo preamp
    Leak through-line II tuner
    Thorens 135 turntable
    Sony CDP101 CD(I didn't find an older one)

    Bedroom system

    Jbl C53 Libra(Copy to be finished ) with JBL S11
    Luxman C120 preamp
    pair of6L6 loftin replica amps(La cave aux tubes)
    Technics SL PG 400a CD
    Revox B160 tuner

    And other things not in use now!!!

    And I'm lookind for a pair of LE75 or 2410 with original diaphragms
    (Even 2461)for my 2345 horn to complet my bass set(Ampeg head and 2X116Liters enclosure for 2205A bass drivers)

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    Niklas Nord
    Insane, you have alot of JBL -stuff at your home !!


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