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  1. Some problems about the audio amplifier circuit

    Hello guys! I am trying to make an LM301 audio amplifier circuit.Just started with some audio amp and trying to wrap my head around it all. I was just curious if you could expand on a couple of...
  2. Try to do a gain fix on the board by reducing the TPA3116D2 amplifier gain

    I tried to do a gain fix on the board by reducing the TPA3116D2DADR amplifier gain. I tried to reduce the gain from 26db to 20db on my board, but it didn’t work. After I desoldered the 100k resistor,...
  3. I am having huge difficulty with op amp circuit

    I am having huge difficulty with op amp circuit used in TA7642 radios, I cannot figure out how to attach the lm301 chip to have a gain of more than 200 (10 u cap between pin 1 and if I give it too...
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    What I shouldn't do as I lay out my wiring?

    I am wanting to run my 3 amps and my capacitors through my stand alone fuse block and oversize knu ofc cables on everything(I have already bought everything).
    I don't want any grounding issues and...
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    Use a power amp for a guitar proyecto

    I was wondering use TDA7498 like a power amp for a guitar proyecto. I am going to use 24v 5amp power source. Watts are about 80 w to feed this amp AND the DC/DC 9v to preamp stage. Should i use this...
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    Somebody knows how to solve this problem?

    I have the TDA7498 amp board, but have a problem playing through the minijack input. If I turn on the Amp with the minijack connected the Amp doesn't play. I have to unplug and plug the minijack in...
  7. What is the maximum time duration a person should let an old tube radio sit unplugged

    I have a question, if anyone would like to educate me. I have my father's fairly large, old Grundig AM/FM/SW radio. We have had it ever since I was a baby and it's like a family member. It has...
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    Match speakers and amplifiers

    I want to match speakers and amplifiers. Is it good to put 4 JBL PRX415 (600W Program / 8ohms ) on a Crown xti4002, two per channel?
    The power has the following specs:
    Stereo, 2 ohms (per ch.):...
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    Help in designing a speaker driven by an LM386

    I'm trying to design a circuit which produces a 17KHz pure sine wave from a speaker using the following components:

    PIC16F1783 (microcontroller with DAC)
    an LM386 amplifier and an 8-Ohm 1W...
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