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The Alnico LE5-2 and LE5-3

For reasons not very well understood, there are two versions of the LE5-2, the round wire version and the ribbon wire version. Just knowing the model number doesn't help. Later versions of the LE5-2 were round wire only and the LE5-3 became the ribbon wire version. The Alnico motors had a .080 gap height and a flux density of 1.65 T.

The Ferrites

The ferrite motors had a .140 gap height and a flux density of 1.35 T.


All the LE5's used the same cone and spider. Dust domes were either paper or aluminum. The voice coils were either ribbon or round and all of them had a .125 voice coil height. The odd model numbers used the ribbon voice coil, were more efficient and had a more level curve good to ~ 8 to 10 kHz. The even model numbers used the round voice coil, had more of a rising response and were good to ~ 16 kHz.

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Even model numbers

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Odd model numbers

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