View Full Version : Bi-amping the JBL Model 1400 Array

01-26-2009, 07:33 PM
Just picked up a pair of Array 1400's today and am wondeering why there is only reference to bi-amping the K2's and not the Arrays in the Project K2 & Array brochure.

The Arrays have separate crossovers for LF & HF/UHF and two sets of terminals with links, so is there any reason Array's cannot be bi-amped?

Submitted by Greg Timbers 26-Jan-2009

The attached curve shows the voltage drive one must use. Nothing else will be correct. The schematic shows the values I used on the right side of the graph. They can be scaled to different ratios, but the voltage drive curve should match what I have shown. The notes on the chart tells what to do to the existing passive networks.