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Don McRitchie
12-02-2003, 02:25 PM
Welcome to the forum for public discussions and announcements regarding the Project May. This initiative has the goal of showcasing the collective design and fabrication skills of our forum members in developing a custom, statement speaker using JBL components. This project had its beginnings as the "McRitchie Project Speaker" which is described in the thread of this same name below. It has subsequently expanded to become a Lansing Heritage website project.

A series of private forums have been set up for the day-to-day discussions involving the design and construction of this speaker system. Because of privacy issues, these forums are only visible and accessible to project members. To become a member of this project, you must participate. Participation does not require monetary or or product donations, although these are needed and are welcome. At a minimum, you must be willing and able to provide useful input into the execution of this project. Because of the privacy issues, we have to keep these forums closed to lurkers.

Everyone is more than welcome to keep tabs on our progress here and through a new section of the website that will open shortly. If you are interested in becoming a member, send me a PM with this request.