KEN P'S 4345's

KEN P'S 4345's



Ken P's JBL 4345 Monitors


Ken P. cut his audio teeth on classic JBL systems in the mid 70's in Winnipeg, Canada (turns out we used to haunt the same audio shops at the same time - Don). His 70's audio pursuit was capped with the acquisition of a pair of new 4350 monitors. After selling them long ago and moving to the States, he has finally fulfilled a long quest to recapture the sound that had become a passion so many years ago. He is the proud owner of a pristine pair of 4345 monitors that he describes below.

Well, lets start by thanking the original owner, John Tomelavage for exemplary maintenance of these fine examples of JBL engineering and craftsmanship. These monitors were purchased in 1982 and shipped directly to Switzerland, where John resided at the time. They also lived for a time in Germany before returning to their country of origin in the mid nineties. Hard to believe these have traveled such distances without damage in any way. They are truly in showroom condition.

I feel fortunate John picked me from many, as the new custodian for these pieces of history.

Having experienced the JBL hey days in the seventies, owning L26s, L100s, 030s and finally 4350s. The later of which left a hole in my soul when sold in 1980.

Without finding another pair of 4350s, I never thought I would be able to re-capture the feeling of gut wrenching clarity and punch that only BIG JBLs can deliver. You know that feeling, like you have been punched in the chest when Chester Thompson, Phil Collins or Neil Peart ripped across a drum kit. Or the goose bumps you feel when Mark Knofler does the acoustic version of Brothers in Arms and every harmonic is perfectly reproduced.

This four way system was designed after the 4350 was discontinued and sounds just as good, if not better than the dual 15 box. The imaging was difficult with the 4350 and required an RTA combined with a 1/3 octave EQ before it was acceptable. This is not the case with the 4345. The cabinets of the 4350 where not as well braced as the 4345s. At high SPLs these produce no noticeable resonance. My 4350s had a resonance at around 240 hz that was solved with a 10-12 db cut at that frequency.  

The experience of 4350s was forever burned in my memory and in all honesty these have resurrected that feeling of "I am satisfied".