KEN P'S 4345's



Front View of Robert Hamel's Home Theatre System


Robert Hamel is a long time contributor to this site and an incurable JBL fanatic. Below is a description of his home theatre setup in his own words.

This is my Stereo/HT set-up. My mains that I jokingly call Drew's mini system were built from tent sale items and my center which is a Urei 811C clone from an E-bayed 801C. The rears are stock L20T's.

The stereo subwoofers, are LE14A's in a 4 cubic ft. boxes. I used the Parts Express 250 watt amps and each sub is powered by it's own amp. The f3 of the boxes is 32hz and I use no boost from the amps. I get usable response to 25hz in my room which is plenty low for me. I also have an AR 12" HT subwoofer for movies only. I originally started the subs for a poor mans L250 set-up with L80t3 on top. This worked out very well but then the tent sale hit and I took advantage of the drivers available.

Urei 801C Driver and X-over

The mains were inspired by Drew Daniel's system on the site. Every thing has been scaled back to meet/exceed the needs of my room. I really wanted the 2345 but with the other subs built, and the 10cu ft boxes needed, I passed them up. It hurts to say that now!! I also missed the 2123's and decided to try the 2122 and build a system around them. The 2122's were used in the 4345 monitor and there is not too much information available on them aside from the 4345 brochure.

Urei 811C Clone

For a woofer I had a choice of 16 ohm 2226's and 8 ohm 2035's. I took the 2035's. They had a flatter impedance curve making them more crossover friendly and lower distortion levels than the 2226. For the compression driver I decided on 2416's on either the 2342 or 2344 horn. I wanted a flat power response like in Drew's design. I also wanted to use the midrange over the same range as the 4345 and felt this was important to get the best performance from the driver. Fortunately the crossover frequencies chosen in Drew's system for flat/uniform power response were almost the same as used in the 4345. The actual ones I used were a L/R 12db at 250hz and the upper is at 1.3k. I felt using the 2342/2344 horns gave me an advantage over the exponential and slatplate diffuser combination. The only disadvantage would be no upper octave coverage by the 2405. The 2382 horn used in Drew's system had slightly greater horizontal coverage but I felt it would be close enough to work reasonably well.

As it turned out the 2344's were the right choice and there was no need for the 2405's once the compensation was correct. The compensation was the hardest part to get right. You have to integrate and level match with the midrange and still get enough upper frequency energy. Took me numerous tries to get it right even with the crossovers for the 4430, 4425 and several other speakers the use the same horns available. It was well worth the effort and I am very pleased with the results.