Lansing Manufacturing Product Lineup at 6900 McKinley
(Left to Right: Iconic, Salon Iconic, 18W8, 18W5, 30W5, 75W5)
Harman International, Courtesy Mark Gander and John Eargle


The loudspeakers produced by Lansing Manufacturing established the reputation of James B. Lansing at the top of the industry. The company began modestly in 1927 with a product line that started with armature speakers and progressed to field coil speakers for use as OEM parts by radio manufacturers. An 8" field coil unit was their biggest seller but they also made 6" and 4" units. Magnavox, Jackson Bell and Mission Bell were some of their biggest customers. However, it was the Shearer project that established Lansing Manufacturing. After that project, Lansing Manufacturing grew to encompass a full range of professional and home loudspeakers. They reached a peak manufacturing capacity of 1000 drive units a day with over 50 employees before the death of Ken Decker and subsequent business difficulties.

Of all of the products made by Lansing Manufacturing, the Shearer Horn and Iconic have to be considered the two most influential. The Shearer Horn was recognized as such an advance in film sound that it won a Technical Achievement Academy Award. The Iconic set the standard for playback monitors and became a laboratory reference loudspeaker. These two products best represent Lansing's achievement as maker of the finest loudspeakers available.