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Clockwise From Top Left: John Eargle, George Augspurger, Mark Gander, John Edwards, Rich May, Greg Timbers, Garry Margolis, Drew Daniels, Dr. Bruce Edgar


This web site is the culmination of the efforts of many people.  Our role has been to compile and present the history of James B. Lansing and his namesake companies. However, most of the information and documents that went into this compilation were from the generous contributions of the following people and organizations. To them, we are indebted. 

First and foremost, our deep gratitude to JBL Professional and Harman International. They have been more than generous to us in providing access to their irreplaceable archive materials and granting permission for us to use Harman International's copyrighted documents and images throughout this site. They have made their key staff available to assist us and have taken the time to host us on two separate occasions at their Northridge headquarters.

Altec Lansing Professional - As of February 1, 2002, the Altec Lansing brand has been resurrected in the professional market as a division of Altec Lansing Technologies. The President of this new venture, Davis Merrey, and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Sexton, have been kind enough to grant us copyright clearance for the Altec scanned images on our site in addition to offering their assistance in further documenting the history of this storied brand.

George Augspurger - George is a world renowned acoustic designer through the work of his firm Perception Inc. Prior to working as a consultant, George spent 12 years at JBL where he was responsible for managing and establishing JBL's professional division.  George has provided detailed insight into JBL during his tenure and copies of documents that have been incorporated into this site.

Mark Cerasuolo - Mark is the former Director of Communications for JBL International. Mark coordinated the development of most of the promotional literature, manuals and press kits for JBL International products. This included the remarkable K2 and XPL series of loudspeakers. Mark has generously donated numerous original documents and copies that have been incorporated into this site.

Glen Claybrook - Glen is responsible for developing the logo that appears on the top left corner of every page on this site. In late 2001, a contest was held amongst our readers to develop a site logo. Glen's elegant, stylized D130 rendition is instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with James B. Lansing and his products. It is a very fitting representation of his legacy that we are proud to have as a logo. Obviously, our readers agree since it won the clear majority of votes in our contest.

Hal Cox - Hal has allowed us to capture a sense of the time and personalities involved in the birth of the hi-fi phenomenon. Hal has been extremely generous with his time, in particular, allowing Steve Schell to document both his life and his collection of vintage audio equipment. As a personal friend of James B. Lansing, he has given us first hand insight into the personality of the man.

Drew Daniels - Drew is responsible for all of the detailed articles in Drew's Clues - and was good humored in accepting the cheap pun that titles his work :-)  Drew worked as Applications Engineer at JBL Professional from 1984 to 1989.  That term of employment led to the genesis of his "high efficiency" loudspeaker design.  Drew has generously provided us with the details of that system's design and modification through the years along with his experience in building a prototype.

John Eargle - The value of John's contribution can be measured by the simple fact that this site would not be possible without John's original work and ongoing assistance.  John has been extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and detailed notes on Lansing heritage.  John has kept a watchful eye on our progress and has been invaluable in ensuring the accuracy of our reporting and providing leads for further investigation.  John has also become our guide in sorting through the materials at Harman International's archive.

Dr Bruce Edgar - Most of the documents on the products of Lansing Manufacturing, Altec Lansing and the earliest years of JBL are from the files of Dr. Edgar. He has kept comprehensive records on the history of horn loudspeakers, that are in some cases, the only records in existence.  The complete and unrestricted access to these records that Dr. Edgar provided has proven invaluable.

John Edwards - John Edwards was one of our first contacts and has proven to be one of the most valuable. He has provided a remarkable insight into James B. Lansing and  JBL, from John's start as JBL's fourth employee to becoming Vice President of Finance.  John shared with us numerous personal recollections, promotional documents, letters and photographs from this time. 

Mark Gander - Mark is Vice President of Marketing at JBLPro.  It was Mark's early offer to help us develop this site that allowed our vision to grow from a limited hobby site to a comprehensive account of the legacy and heritage of James B. Lansing.  Mark has recently given us access to the archives of Harman International.  This has proven to be invaluable.  The vast majority of original photos, product literature and historical documents on our site are due to his and Harman International's generosity.

Harman International, Japan - Harman International's Japanese distributor has been generous in providing high quality copies of their original artwork for JBL's recent statement speakers. They have played a major role in maintaining and enhancing the prestige position of JBL in Japan and around the world with their involvement in the development and marketing of such systems as the DD55000 Everest, K2-S9500 and recent K2-S9800.

Cap Kierulff Cap was owner of one of the first, and ultimately the largest, JBL dealership in Southern California.  Cap has provided a unique insight into the beginnings of the hi-fi phenomenon.  His first hand account of the people and events he encountered is an entertaining romp through those early times.  Cap also provided access to his considerable collection of Lansing related documents.

Ed Lacinski - Ed is the Supervisor of Technical Services for Harman Consumer in Woodbury NY. All of the files for JBL's home speaker systems were moved to Woodbury some years ago. Ed has taken the time to root through these files to find information that has been lost to JBL's Northridge facility. He has provided numerous copies of promotional literature that has been used on this site.

Lansing Family - The immediate family of James B. Lansing consists of Lois O'Neil, Glenna Garrett, Richard Lansing and James Kent Lansing. It has been one of the great joys of developing this site to have come in contact with this family. They have been very kind in sharing their personal recollections, photographs and various historical documents.

Garry Margolis - Garry is a former Vice President, Marketing for JBL International and is the spark that led to the development of this site.  One of the developers met Garry through an internet mailing list.  Garry arranged an introduction to current senior staff at JBL and began the chain of events that resulted in this site.  Garry has since proved a significant asset to us in providing detailed product histories from his involvement at JBL from 1974 to1990.

Richard May - Rich worked at JBL on three separate occasions from 1961 to 1996.  This experience in over three decades of JBL's evolution has provided us with invaluable insight.  He has become our unofficial fact checker due to his vast knowledge of product development histories.  Rich is also responsible for providing information on one of the most influential employees of JBL - his father, Edmond May.

John Nebel and CSD Internet - As of November 2003, John and his company have been providing hosting services for this site and the Lansing Heritage Library at no cost. This is obviously a very significant contribution that has removed what had been the single greatest cost and constraint in running this site. We are extremely grateful.

Koji Onodera - Koji Onodera has become our connection to the Japanese JBL community.  Mr. Onodera is Editor-in-Chief of Stereo Sound Magazine, the preeminent Japanese audio magazine.  Over the past number of years, Stereo Sound has published in-depth articles and entire issues devoted to James B. Lansing, JBL and Altec. Mr. Onodera has generously offered his personal knowledge, in addition that of the magazine, to aid us in the development of this site. 

Sound and Communications Inc. of Jackson Mississippi is one of the oldest sound contractors in the United States and the largest in the state of Mississippi. Until Telex's closure of the Altec Lansing Professional Division in 2000, they were a major Altec Lansing dealer going back to the mid 50's. Steve Edmonds of Sound and Communications has maintained an extensive library of vintage Altec literature that he and his employer have kindly shared with us.

Greg Timbers - Greg is the current Chief Development Engineer at Harman Consumer. Since his start  in 1972, Greg has been responsible for more seminal loudspeaker designs at JBL than anyone else. Just a short list includes the L300, most of the 4300 series of monitors, the L250Ti, Everest and K2 series. Greg has provided detailed information on his involvement with many of these key systems that are incorporated in a number of profiles on this site.

Arnold Wolf Arnold has become the most prolific and substantive contributor to our site. His knowledge and perspective as President of JBL from 1969 to 1979 would be valuable on their own.  However, he has gone a great deal further to develop a detailed record of his experiences with JBL over two full decades. Arnold has devoted numerous hours to document information specifically for this site in a style that is informative and entertaining.  The profile of his fascinating life and contributions at JBL were the direct result of detailed information he provided.  Most of the details regarding JBL in the 1970's are attributable to him.

John Wolff - John is an expert on the Hartsfield as a result of his establishment of Classic Audio Reproductions in 1988 to build and market a reproduction of that vintage system.  John has assembled an extensive collection of literature related to this system, which he has graciously made available to us.