The development of this web site is an example of the influence of the Internet and its opportunities to build virtual communities. It is the work of three people who met through the net, stumbling into each other on Ebay as we sought copies of old loudspeaker literature.  We decided it was in our interest to share what each of us had gathered at no cost. When we looked at the sum total of what we had, it appeared there were the beginnings of a history that could be developed into a web site. We set this as a preliminary goal and decided to reach out to individual contacts we had to see if we could gain assistance.  This led to the establishment of a network of new friends and contacts that share our interest.  It is developing into a community of vintage audio hobbyists that spans the globe. We are especially grateful to those who have shared their time and information to add to this site.

The three of us have direct responsibility for maintaining this site and coordinating ongoing research on Lansing Heritage. We are literally separated by thousands of miles and have relied on email and phone conversations to establish close ties. Steve Schell and Don McRitchie have met on one occasion in Los Angeles for the Lansing Heritage Tour 2000. We have yet to convince Steve Lewis to leave his island paradise and meet with us.   

Feel free to contact us individually if you wish.  However it may take us some time to reply. since we are quite busy in our efforts to maintain and develop this site. 

Steve Lewis: Steve is an entrepreneur from Maui. A musician in his early years, the experience, joy and transformative power of live performances left profound memories.  Participating in this project is Steve's way of saying thank you to those who were inspired to create the audio systems we know of today.

Don McRitchie: Don is a civil engineer living in Winnipeg, Canada.  His interest in Lansing dates from his high school days when he first heard a JBL 030 system.  He has subsequently become the quintessential Ancient Audiophile in the Quest for the Ultimate Home System. Don is the webmaster for this site.

Steve Schell: Steve is a piano technician and fevered audiophile from Long Beach, California. He pursues great sound by tinkering with triode amplifiers and bachelor-sized horn loudspeakers Steve's current avocational pursuits include experimenting with field coil driver technology in his home workshop, and conducting further historical research to embellish this website.