We greatly appreciate digital submissions of scanned product literature to add to our library. It is our policy to credit all such submissions to the contributor on the page they are published and the "What's New" page. If you would like to make such a contribution, the following contains guidelines for scanning and submitting these items.

First off, take a look at the Site Map in our Library to confirm that what you plan to submit has not already been published on this site. We will take responsibility for obtaining copyright clearance for any proprietary documents before we publish it on our site.

To scan product literature, set the resolution on your scanner to 150dpi and the output to 24bit or 16.7 million colors. This gives the optimum balance between legibility and file size. Higher resolutions result in large file sizes that quickly eat up bandwidth and disk space. Lower resolutions render footnotes and other small fonts illegible. Make sure that any automatic cropping features are turned off. For HP scanners, this means that you should ensure that the "View" menu is set to "entire scanner bed". If this is not done, footnotes and publication numbers that are usually printed on the extreme edges of the document are often cut off. You will have to manually set the scanning borders. It's more work, but it ensures that no information is lost.

Set the file type to "jpg" and the quality to high. We will further compress the images to save bandwidth when published. However, this does result in a loss in quality and we would like to maintain a separate offline library of the images at their highest quality for archive purposes

Make sure you scan all pages of a document including blank inside covers and back pages. This allows our readers to printout and make a facsimile of the original document in its original format if they wish. Further, document ID's and copyright dates are often printed in small fonts in an extreme corner of an otherwise blank page.

The easiest way to send images for publication on this site is to use File Transfer Protocall (FTP). All current browsers support FTP. The help files with your browser will explain this and detailed information can be found on the web at such sites as:

The public FTP account for Lansing Heritage is password protected. You will have to contact me at the site email address ([email protected]) to get the username and password. With this information, you can type it into the address bar of your browser as follows:

With Microsoft Internet Explorer, click the "Folder" icon on the toolbar once you have entered the site. This opens up a folder pane to the left of the browser window. The folder pane allows you to explore the contents of your hard drive and our ftp site at the same time. At the bottom of this pane will be a folder called "". There will be a couple of subfolders below this called "bin" and "incoming" and. Go to the directory on your computer that has the files you want to upload. Select these files and just drag them to the subfolder of "" called "incoming". This will upload the files.

If you are using a dedicated FTP client like WSFTP, the address is:

Again, you will have to contact me at the site email address to gain the username and password.

If this sounds too complicated, you can send your submissions by email. Do not send scans directly to the site mailbox, since it is not set up to handle large file sizes. Instead, just send a notice to me at the site mailbox to get my personal email address. Unfortunately, the scourge of spammers means that I have to keep this address off of the site. My inbox has a maximum capacity of 5MB. To be safe, you should ensure that no attachments are greater than 4MB. My mailbox is usually cleared every 10 minutes. Therefore, if you are going to send a number of 4MB emails, they will have to be spaced at least 10 minutes apart in sending. Since it takes time for mail servers to collect and send mail, you are best to allow 30 minutes between large emails to prevent communication delays from bunching up emails to less than a 10 minute spacing.

By following these instructions, you can help our site grow and become an ever more valuable resource to the community of Lansing fans.

Thanks in advance,

Don McRitchie