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Thread: Greg Timbers & DIY

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    Thanks a lot for moving these heavy enclosures and taking a picture!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Widget View Post
    Hi Dome,

    It appears that you, like me, are a believer in super cables.


    PS: I rotated your picture.

    If the speaker cables can be seen, I'll usually put some beefier gauge stuff in just to placate those who "know better" than I do about the importance of cryogenically aligned, positive mono-directional electron flowscaped, and alpha-braided cables However, if the wires are hidden, 14 AWG is fine on these short runs. In this case they match the cables Greg used inside, minus the JBL "Monster" moniker on the sheath. At one time I bet there were 1000 ft. spools of the stuff at Northridge.

    Thanks for the rotation.

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