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Thread: Floorstanding JBL display

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    Floorstanding JBL display

    I just pulled a 6 foot tall plexiglass three sided JBL dealer display from thirty years of storage and am looking to do something with it. I bought the display from a dealer in the 1970's loaded with JBL's top components including the 375 driver withthe serpantine lens and horn from the hartsfield. Does anyone remember seeing one of these. I would like to find the origional components that came with the display.
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    As you said, there was a Hartsfield horn/lens with a dummy 375 (empty pot) sitting on the top and a 136a Woofer also. It looks like you still have the other parts. I got the parts from two of these, one from Fidelity Sound in Orange CA, and Ametron in LA. back in 1981, I now wish I had gotten the displays too.

    All the parts can be found regularly on Ebay, however I have never seen the display on Ebay.

    I had mentioned these displays on the forum a year or two ago and nobody replied.

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