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Thread: Stereo Club Montreal more sound upgrades

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    Stereo Club Montreal more sound upgrades

    I go up this week to Stereo the 19th to start on the install Fazes 3&5 to the sound system in Stereo and heres a bit of the gear breakdown. This upgrade will really put this system on a level that will be unreal.
    The next 2 fazes of upgrades will consist of 28 TAD TL 1603 lower mid bass drivers, 12 SBS SB122 horn loaded boxes loaded with 12 TAD TM 1201 low mid drivers. For processing for these upgrades I`m using 3 Bryston 10B analog x-overs (SBS Modified) to process the fullrange of the sound system.
    This system in Stereo is/will now consist of 16 JBL 075 Bullet Tweeters Driven by 1 Mcintosh MC 2120 amp, 6 JBL 077 slot tweeters on 1 Bryston 2B amp, 6 TAD TM 4002 mid range drivers on 1 Bryston 3B ST amp, 12 TAD TM 1201s will be 3 Bryston 4B SST amplifiers.
    In the next few months i will be installing my own custom designed Vacumm tube processors that i am in development on rt now that should be ready to be tesed at Stereo in the Next few months & Stereo will be the testing room for all my custom HiFi products b4 the product is ready to be released to contractors/general public. When completed whic will be in the next 2 weeks or so, This sound system will be the return of a True Analog hifi sound in a night club PA.

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    I think what you're doing is awesome! Great idea. Very unique.

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