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Thread: jbl LE100S w/ M5040 horn?

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    jbl LE100S w/ M5040 horn?

    I have a Compression driver version LE100S 8 ohm-with a factory M5040 elbow type horn. What was the original application of this driver? I can not find any thing about it. It looks just like a LE175.

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    Re: jbl LE100S w/ M5040 horn?

    I think the 5040 was used in the Metregon and the LE100S was simply an OEM driver with a phenolic diaphragm. I'm not sure if it was the same as the 2460 or the 2470. If you know how much just the driver weighs then that will tell you. I have a weight of 12 pounds for the LE100S (but that could be wrong) and LE85/2420/2470, and weight of 8 pounds for the LE175/2410/2460. Or you could go by diameter. The LE85/2420/2470 is 5.75" while the LE175/2410/2460 is 4.5". I have no diameter for the LE100S.
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    Hi there,

    The LE100S was a 2460 in disguise . Old "Goes INTO" sheets show the D162460 diaphragm as "going into the : LE100S, LE175HP, 2460 and the 5P350 ( Dukane part # ). The D16R2470 went into the 2461 ( improved diaphragm ), 2470, and the 5P355 ( Dukane ).

    regards <> Earl K

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