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    I finally got my new speakers connected and tested. And I am very very surprised. They sound nothing but fantastic! Not going very deep at all, but I have the subwoofer to help with the bottom. I am very very happy for my new purchase. I think the two pairs had a total cost of about 600 USD including the cost of picking them up (about 2 hours drive each way).
    I am happy for this buy!
    I took a couple pictures. They look better in real than what they do on the pictures. For some reason, the flash make the scratches look a lot bigger than they actually are...
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    Thumbs up Nice, Leif

    Are you going to do anything about the scratches?

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    I have the same cabaret as you, and I can confirm they sound great 'except for some cabinet vibration. But I use these, only for family partys !!! and it rock !!

    regards Stephane
    Regards Stephane

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    A search of the forums reveals several others with the same or similar positive experience.

    They have an excellent driver complement.

    Good SCORE!

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    Ron Gold had his own version. That was a long time ago. Too bad threads like this will have an effect on price because they really are fun to have around. When the Cabaret Series first came out we were floored. Those were some fun days.

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    I dont think threads like this will affect the price over in USA. Remember this is Norway, we are far far apart, and our market is very different from "over there".

    There is actually lots of good JBL stuff around in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. JBL used to sell like hot cakes in the good old days. As said before, in my neigbour town, where there lives 35.000 people, there is said to be 11 Paragons!

    Leif Arild

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    Those Paragons were the epitome of danish modern design and craftsmanship...not hard to see why they'd be popular- especially over there!!

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