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Thread: OK, don't laugh. I'm about to beg here

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    OK, don't laugh. I'm about to beg here

    I need an alignment cassette tape for calibrating my yamaha KX-1200. Specifically either a 1000hz or 3000Hz speed tape. i also need a 315 hz tape (TEAC MTT-212C) to set the playback level.

    I can do it by setting the record levels first and working backwards but it is so much easier to have the 315Hz tape. And the motor speed is probably OK but I am putting a new belt in and want to be sure it is right.

    If anyone has these tapes and can either loan them to me for a deposit check or sell them to me I would appreciate it.

    I know cassettes are done but I have so many dbx encoded tapes to transfer I need to get this deck squared up.

    thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure if this is what you need, but this site has a signal generator you can download for free.

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