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Thread: Season to Taste

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    Season to Taste

    The first tests with the specturm analyzer still show a hole at 500 Hz, though maybe not quite as bad as before. The horn, has a slight peak at about 4K, but not too bad. However, when the volume on the tweeter is raised to bring in the 8-16K, the peak is also increased. I found that putting a 1 mfd cap in series with the tweeter raises it's crossover freq (or steepens the slope) and brings in the high, highs without emphasizing the peak. Luckily, I can just yank the can and put this cap right before the L-pad without once again yanking out the woofer and crossover from the cabinet.

    Interesting, that in the 3-way crossover JBL diagrams, the tweeter first passes through a 1 mfd cap, then the choke is placed to ground, then through a 1.5 mfd cap. However, in neither the N7000 nor N8000 is this cap/choke/cap situation used (just a 1.5 mfd cap and choke). My change will put the signal first through the 1.5 mfd, then choke to ground, then 1 mfd cap. A minor variation, but certainly more pleasing then omitting the second cap.

    PS, anyone have three Solen 1.0 mfd caps and three Theta Audiocap 0.01 mfd by-pass caps they want to part with???

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