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Thread: 2202h in 4355

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    2202h in 4355

    What was JBL's theory on using the 2202h in the 4355? It seems that a pair of 2235h's will run flat all the way up to the 2241's and my graphs on bassbox show that.

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    Well my best quess would be transient response and clarity/articulation. That 12 will do a better job over it's operating range than the 2235's. You also don't want a pair of 15's going up that high. Living with 2122's I can tell you they are killer over the 300-1.2K range they run in. I imagine the 2202 is a bigger brother and just as good or better over the same range.

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    Re: 2202H in 4355

    The 4-inch voice coiled 2202 offers greater efficiency and power handling over the 3-inch voice coiled 2121/2122, hence it's use in the "ultimate" 4350/4355.

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    4-inch voice coil

    How does the larger voice coil diameter affect efficiency? Is it the greater length of current-carrying wire in the magnetic field?


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    Re: 4-inch voice coil

    The larger voice coil places more conductor in the gap and also dissipates heat at a faster rate.

    Nothing is free though, the larger coil adds mass, hence the massive magnetic assembly on the back of the 121/124/2202/2203/2204.

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    Quite simply the 2202h offers more output to keep up with the 2235 dual. On the 4345 the compression driver is the 1" as the 4350/55 uses the 2" nuff said. That 4355 is a gaint output system for Large rooms only to enjoy the benifits of that design. Thats a great speaker for output and bandwidth. The 4435 has better lowend but is about 4-db down in maximun output. Ive driven the #$%^ out of both of them the 4355 gets the nod.
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