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Thread: Question about Dynavox Imperial 604 Duplex

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    Question about Dynavox Imperial 604 Duplex

    Hello all you Altec-Lovers

    My Name is Michael from Germany and iīve got a question about a 604 8L horn - cabinet which is constructed from the customer Musicconnection.
    They built a speaker, using the actually design of the Duplex 604. They call the speaker Dynavox Imperial.
    Here is the link :

    Now my question :
    Does anybody know something about this cabinet?
    If not, what cabinet could i use best for the 604 8L?
    Perhaps also as horn-construction.

    Any help is really welcome!!!!

    Thanks and always have a nice day,

    PS : Sorry for my bad english.....

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    altec 604 cabinet


    There are many cabinets for Altec 604.The one you show looks like Altec cabinet 620. There is also a cabinet by billfort shown on which is inspired by the 620 cabinet except it can also fit into a corner. Some Japanese sites show smaller cabinets for 604 as well. You can even use a larger cabinet like the Jensen Imperial. How large a cabinet do you want and do you enjoy woodworking? Send me a PM if you cannot find these on the www and I will try to find some for you.


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    Hello Tom

    Thanks for the nice and friendly answer.

    I will search the web with the informations you gave me.

    If i really cannot find the sites i would write you an PN.

    To the cabinet : No problem for me, if it is alittle bit bigger.

    The Imperial isnīt really small at all but it would be no problem.

    Have a nice day,


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    I have 3 type of 604 speakers.
    I have an original Altec cabinet 620.
    I have build from MDF a cabinet by Altecs plan teh 612, and i hev from plywood a homade 620.
    My opinion the best sound is the small 612. Ehe bass is so deap, and the sound is amazing for jazz and classic music.
    If you listen pop-rock music i offer JBLs.

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    Hello sajit

    Thanks for your answers.
    Shure, the 620 cabinets and 612 are fine but will they work fine
    with the 904 8Aīs?

    Can you please tell me, what are these for cabinents on your side
    where the 604h 8a is monted in?
    I mean the black horn enclosures here:
    Looks very interesting to me.

    Du you have any informations about them?

    Best regards,

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