It sounds like Mcintosh Amps make a great companion to JBL Speakers.

Having said this, I'm interested to hear from those that have had or currently use a brand of amps or a combination of amps from different manufacturers to run a bi-amped setup, each specifically targeting either the low or high end and what pre-amps they use, if any?

This is not confined to solid state either.

Purchasing 4 monoblocks would be ideal but financial suicide for most. If 4 monoblocks could not be achieved, would you purchase 2 x 2 channel amps and use one for each side or one to run only the low end and the other amp to run the high end or would you purchase 2 monoblocks, and save up for 2 more later?

I'm sure we'd all love to own Mcintosh Amps but I'd like to hear reviews of other equipment used by users in this forum, including pre-amps?

I personally would love to own a VTL TL-7.5 Reference Line Pre-Amplifier mated with McIntosh MC-1201 monoblocks amps....sounds like a killer combination...maybe too much.....if only money grew on trees. I'd have to wait for these suckers to become vintage before I could afford them

Without fincial burden, what would you consider to be the best pre-amp/amp (bi-amp) combination out there today, current or vintage?

I currently use a pair of B&W 801 Matrix Series 3 speakers and soon to be owned XPL-200's, which means I would require amps that can easily drive these speakers down to 2 ohms with ease. Food for thought.