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    Market value

    It would appear that the market on Ebay favors the Pioneer over the Marantz, the Marantz 2275 is going for a fully refurbished unit at about $400.00 and a Pioneer SX1980 that's classified as non working went for over $1000.00. I have been watching ebay closely for the SX1980 and saw 2 units in the last 2 weeks go for almost if not over $1000.00 for non working units.A fully operational SX1980 is going around $1700.00. There is a Marantz 2275 on ebay right now that has some issues and it is only at 100+ dollars with 18 hours left.We all know how big ebay is and let's face it,we may not like the prices there for JBL'S but it is a good indicator of what the market is.

    Note... Moderator can you please move this to the thread"Amplifier Decison" that is where I wanted to post and accidentally posted a new thread. Thanks Jim
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