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Thread: Altec A7 crossover

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    Altec A7 crossover

    I have 2 altec a7 cabs with 416-8A, H-811B, 807-8A,Crossovers are N801-8A.
    I have been told I would like them better with 511b horns and the 501-8A crossovers. Well I have the 501-8A's but not the horns. Can i simply swap the crossovers to get a better midrange or would that hurt anything? I don't have the money for the 511b's at present so what if I made some larger wood horns out of plywood? Any thoughts?

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    The 811 horns will not load well down to a 500 Hz crossover point. Wait until you have the money for 511's. Keep your eye on ebay; those horns go pretty cheap many times.


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    Definitely worth the switch to 511B. You will get more dynamics.

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    I just switched the xover point on my 511Ba from the altec 500Hz Xover to an electronic @ 800Hz

    I much prefer the higher Xover point.....

    might be the crossover itself tho'

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