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Thread: Any METREGON owners to help us ???

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    Any METREGON owners to help us ???

    Hi all

    After building two pairs of Harstfield ,we are now working on the Metregon plans, to realize 2 models of this speaker.( thanks to JBL Dog for the horns...)
    We want to use this speaker as a center channel , surrounded by the Hartsfields !

    As you now, the JBL blue prints drafts are not building plans, but cut-out scheme for the parts . That's why i have made a prototype of the hartsfield before the definitive pair ( pic enclosed)

    We are in the same way with the Metregon plans we own :
    They are incomplete, and my friend Philippe use a 3D software for modelling the building ( hope it will be more simple than a new wood prototype...)

    Thus we need some informations about dimensions on the top of the enclosure...And apparently no specimen of this enclosure is still avalaible in Europe.

    PLease, Metregon owners in the L.H. community, could you give to us this information, and perhaps other specifications .......

    The scheme is here :

    Warmest regards
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    A better Idea...!

    Why not buy mine, unless you just need something to do, it would be much easier and worth more from a selling point than a reproduction. Not only that, mine looks like it is new. I also would suggest building something like a Metregon is an Everest of a project. The front curve would be fun, it was steam formed..

    Gary Harvey
    Houston, Tx

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    Metregon in Vermont.

    Feel free to come and measure this one. I have a freind who does lots of cad cam work, and he might be able to help. Gary

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