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    Jbl l19

    1st post here. I joined the JBL family a while back with a pair of L19. I do believe they are keepers. The pair I got are a bit rough on the cabinet finish ... but nothing a bit of TLC won't cure.

    Here they are along with my Paisley Research AE400 and Energy Pro 22.

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    The Pro 22s, by the way, are being displaced by the L19s and the AE400s and the L19 have moved onto better stands.

    I'm running a Sansui AU-7700 (54 wpc) ... but I'm cleaning up a Sony STR-V5 receiver (85 wpc) and a Technics SA-700 receiver (100 wpc). The JBL may move into a different listening area along with the Sansui. It's a nice sounding combination.

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    L19s were my first speakers and remember them fondly. If I didn't need money earlier in life, I'd still have them.

    About the one in your picture, it looks like the surround is glued to the front of the should be glued to the back.
    Having the surround at the front of the cone will reduce the woofers X-max by a couple millimeters but otherwise it'll probably sound the same. Just FYI.

    Anyway, enjoy them and welcome to the forums!

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    Lovely speakers - keep them!
    Stopping with the hobby, major gear sale: CLICK ME!

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