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Thread: Early Corner Horn Klipsch Style Help/ID Needed

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    Early Corner Horn Klipsch Style Help/ID Needed

    I am trying to research a pair of speakers that
    were supposedly some type of early prototype or copy of a

    The speakers date from the 40's or very early 50's
    and definitely have charactersitics "Klipsch" characteristics. I also have drawings made of the speaker
    design that are from that period also.

    The first five are photos of
    drawings of the horn that are on drafting paper from the Soundscriber Corp. of New
    Haven, Conn. They are hand drawn and have a lot of numbers/notations.

    The next is the TruSonic speaker in the cabinet that is situated behind the baffle
    cover. It is an earlier speaker (Los Angeles production - 1940's) and measures approx.
    15-16" (I did not have a tape measure):

    The next couple show the horn tweeter by University (this could be a later addition):

    The next several are the hand built horn. It has a TruSonic 1940's driver. It is
    made of plywood. It is kind of beautiful:

    The next 2 are photos of the top cavity electronics where the horn sits:

    The next several show the interior construction around the woofer:

    The next 2 show the side and front of the cabinet:

    There are no markings or tags on this speaker. I have two of these corner units. One appears to
    be more recent 50's production. I appreciate any information that you can provide,
    and if you have any questions, please contact me. I have contacted Klipsch and their engineers say that the horn design is similar to the 1947 horn designed by Paul Klipsch, however they state it is a copy. The only contrary thing there is that the driver is a pre-1947 Tru-Sonic.

    Thank you..

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    Try this website for Klipsch info

    There is another Klipsch website, but not sure what it is. Maybe someone here can help out.

    Regards, Ron

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    The bass horn looks like a custom or home-brew K-horn. Reading Badmaieff et. al. I believe the plans for the horn were available early on--through EV possibly. I've seen a couple of K-horn copies from the fifties era.

    Maybe our resident really old stuff guy will chime in about the equipment. I can't speak to that.

    I too like the plywood treble horn. Have you played this thing yet? How does it sound?


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    I think I'm going to cry! This guy comes on the forum and posts in Off Topic right off the bat. His first freakin' post asking for help and it lands in the right forum.

    OMG! Maybe there is hope for the future.

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    Maron Horonzakz
    Its a Klipsch copy & not a very good one. The whole side panel would not come off like that. That compromizes the bass bin structure. The support posts in the horn structure is wrong & not needed. Klipsch would not use that woofer with out special treetment of outer surround compliance ( special chemical) he did this on early woofers to meet free resonence spec (29).

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    Thank you all so far for your info. The side panel that comes off appears to be a more recent piece of wood. You can see where the original panel was sealed to the cabinet. It is nice to dream anyway. The lady I purchased these from was 80+ years old and her husband was an audio engineer. These were in a corner of the garage. She was the one that brought up the Klipsch connection, so I do not know if her husband copied these, or what.

    These are still pretty high tech redneck for 40's or 50's home copies. I cannot imagine the work that would go into creating these even now.
    I really appreciate the help.

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