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Thread: Your best JBL find

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEAWOLF97 View Post
    I think that FRS is from the Ohm conventional speaker line. They have 2 very different product lines , the other being the Ohm Walsh. It's a very odd 1 way driver that radiates the signal down the outside of the down looking "cone", 360 degrees.

    The Walsh series is different experience from any other speaker that I've ever heard.

    Frequency Response 32 - 20,000 Hz (+/-3dB)

    I don't want to provoke anyone, but in A/B comparisons with my 250Ti's
    (on the same exact gear/room/sources) the new listener usually picks the
    Ohms as more enjoyable. USA/NY company , all made here.
    And here I thought Bose Affect type of Sound
    Kinda misdirected. But hearing is believing
    (+/-3dB) kinda flat huh,nice
    And obviously you've heard a speaker or TWO

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    My best LANSING HERITAGE find was Altec, not JBL, and came years ago. I responded to an ad for unused custom PA cabs. When I got to the address the story that emerged was that these two fellas had been offered the job of cleaning out a warehouse because the lease had expired, the property owner had another use in mind, and the owner of the contents regarded all the remaining stuff as deadwood; I think their deal was a fee plus whatever they could sell. The cabinets were not what I wanted, but they were very cheap, so I bought them for all the one inch birch ply. Nearby was a stack of Altec factory boxes. What are those? Oh, those are some old horns. A local rock promoter had commissioned a sound system for a concert (Earth, Wind and Fire--Rain, Snow or Sleet--Kill, Maim, Destroy--I don't remember which it was) that had been cancelled. The compression drivers are long gone, but these are still here. Interested? Sure, what do you want for them? They consulted. Well, we were going to take them to the dump. You can have them for $25 A PAIR. They counted. The ninth one was free, because it would be a singleton. Clearly a windfall for them. For me, nine NOS Altec 511E horns, $100.

    I feel your pain.
    "Audio is filled with dangerous amateurs." --- Tim de Paravicini

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