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Thread: Could a Krell KSA50 run a pair of L250's?

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    Could a Krell KSA50 run a pair of L250's?

    Title says its all. Is a ultra high current 50 watt amp enough for the L250's?

    From Stereophile:

    The Krell KSA-50 is new-wave enough, however, to be an incredibly stiff class-A design, rather than a pseudo–class-A circuit, and its 50 watts per channel are supported by enough of a power supply to drive an arc welder. You get about 70 watts of RMS power with 8 ohms, 150 watts with 4 ohms, and sufficient watts into 2 ohms to threaten my load resistors.

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    Absolutely, but you may not like how it sounds, so donít be surprised if you end up moving the amp along to someone else sooner, rather than later. I ran my 250tiís on vintage Krell in the 90ís back when they werenít so vintage, and they were really unforgiving - nothing smooth about the highs, and the 250tiís just made that worse. I sold the amps on and never looked back.
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    I ran my 250Ti's on an 80wpc Denon receiver for a while. Most people
    would say they sounded fine, but I knew they were capable of much more.

    When I switched to a 375wpc, high damping factor amp, they came alive and showed what they could really do.

    If you already have the Krell & speakers, give it a try ... just know that they do like a lot of power.
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    I would say the original KSA50/KSA100 are certainly forgiving and somewhat dark sounding. I don't think the highs will get jagged, will see.

    Will having a lack of headroom cause the amplifier to clip on dynamic peaks? Or will it just "lessen" the impact due to the lack of current reserve.

    If it doesn't work out with the L250's I can always run the KSA50 on the HF section of my 4350's. In part I am concerned here also as I have read that they like a lot of power also, even though they are 99db/w,

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    I'd recommend around 200-250 WPC for the 250s. Bottom line is that the harder you push them the better they should sound.

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