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    Sovereign rack

    A late afternoon in september, the newly restored Sovereigns have found their place.

    Wife: "Now that you have been so good, wouldn't it be nice with a rack to go with those beautful speakers?".

    You all know how domestic law is enforced. What can one do?

    Here's a few pictures. Did manage to make miscalculation on the side and rear panel height, so it became 2 cm lower than the speakers. I got an old solid oak table very cheap.
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    Johnny Haugen Sørgård

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    Looks very nice and helps maintain AB/DC (All Benifits of Domestic Conformity)

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    You can add 2 cm strip on the bottom kick moulding & probably wont be noticed.

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    Looks great!

    I like some of the older/vintage speaker systems JBL put out, especially the larger ones!


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    Sovereign Affliction

    Hi Johnny: Nice to see that you decided to add to your Sovereign speakers. An equipment cabinet is a mandatory and usually wife friendly addition. I will have to dig up some old pics that will show you my Sovereign Affliction/Illness, which started over 30 years ago. I hope that you continue to enjoy your ensemble and add to it if you get the chance. I'll post some pics for you when I can round them up. Best Regards - Rick

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    Just saw this... very nice!
    Great work Johnny!!


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