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Thread: Are 2118 cones soft?

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    Are 2118 cones soft?

    Hello all,

    The cones of the 2118's I just received are very soft and flexible.
    With a finger I can push the cone out of shape; it then returns to its normal shape by itself.
    Is it normal for them to have these soft cones?
    If yes, won't such a loudspeaker exhibit breakup modes etc?

    Thanks, Thomas

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    im not an expert
    i would suggest wait for a better oppinion but

    that sound`s real scarry to me and really not right!

    or is it just a p_r

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    Hello Thomas

    Those cones are very thin and light weight and the suspension is very stiff. If you push the cones will be the first to give.

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    Being a midrange driver it is not unusal to have a flexible cone, after all tehy do not produce bass per se. The flexible cone probably is better for damping at midrange frequencies.

    I understand the 2118 to be a fine driver, maybe one of the best midrange drivers of that size and type JBL produced.

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