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Thread: Amp recommendaton for top end

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    Amp recommendaton for top end

    Looking for amp recommendations to push 2 horns in a tri amp set up crossed over at 1200 hz. I have used crowns for the past 20 years on the road and at home, but now I am looking for an amp that's a little less harsh sounding to run a set of horns in a 7.1 home theater setup. Does anyone have experience with the Ashly FTX 1501 series III ?

    I have searched the threads and found quite abit of info for sub amps, but very little for mids and up.

    Thanks for you help

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    Upper freqency amps

    Have you though of tubes?

    Or Mosfet SS like a Hafler 220's or 200's? IMHO

    They have a nice smooth mid to high freqency signature. Your right about Crowns. Other than the Reference series they all sound harsh. At least the models I have heard.


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