Im in the process of designing some minimum size PA cabinets for the 15" 2226H along with the 2446J/2380A horn combo. I'm trying to make the cabinets as small as is physically possible, and don't need LF below 80 hz, but could still use any LF extension porting would give me.

The problem is, there will be so little front baffle area left in these cabinets. I know numerous JBL home models use the ports in the back, but how would this play out in a PA situation? With home speakers, output from the rear ports is often reflected back off a wall, but this wouldn't be happening with a PA. Would the output from rear facing ports be detrimental in this case, (out of phase?), or do the ports add significant output to the LF driver itself, (easier movement?), to make it worthwhile? Or should I just go with sealed cabinets for something this small? No output at all below 80 hz is needed, but I still haven't calculated the cabinet volume to see how close I can get.

Thanks for any insight.