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Thread: New S4800

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    New S4800

    Just got the latest issue of Stereo Sound Japan and saw that this speaker has been officially announced, so I am now free to talk about it. It is shown below as the speaker on the right, with the 4428 shown on the left with Greg Timbers. It's pretty much a lower cost K2-S9800 - but not by much. It has the same configuration but uses lower cost drivers. Another way to look at it is as a 4348 without the 10" midbass. Otherwise the drivers are identical (1500FE, 435AL, 045ti). Price in Japan is 12M Yen per speaker compared to 15M Yen for one K2-S9800. Unfortunately, the only prototypes were out on the engineering floor so it was not possible to audition them. Greg stated that this is a "Japan Only" system.
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    hey Don!

    They look nice, and I have a question for you. JBL displays their wares at the shows, and i go to the AES at the Javits center here in NY. They always have their goods on display but you can never hear them! Why? I mean at the AES every other manufacturer has something set up for people to hear! JBL never does!

    And the Big companies like TAD, Genelec, and a few others even have private rooms with bigger systems set up that we can hear! Why does JBL never have anything set up for us to audition?

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