I've been rolling around the thought of building a new set of monitors. And, of course, I'd use JBL components - if there's a good match for my application. Unlike my large wooden cheeks, I'm thinking of something smaller. The usage would be for near-field monitoring and/or for a home theater system along with a sub.

I figure that each speaker would have roughly 0.75 sq. ft. and would be two way. The low end should be about 80 Hz, and I might bump it a bit for stand alone listening. I might de-bump it (an un-pluggable port?) for use with a sub. A peak SPL rating of 105 dB or so would be nice, as I'd get 117 dB with five speakers. That would match a 2235 sub nicely. I'd probably run 100 WPC or so, with more like 300 for the sub.

I'm more familiar with JBL's big topedos, so I don't know if they sell, or sold, components in this range. I appreciate your recommendations. And if JBL doesn't have the right goods, feel free to make off-brand picks.

The system won't have the sound of a 443x, a 43xx or a K2, but the WAF should be relatively high :-)