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Thread: Receiver for L26?

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    im considering an old twinpowered HK430 for my 4301b in the "computer room" i have tried them with a 6260 in the livingroom and it started to happen things i couldnt even imagine out of this little box. but a reciver is enough in the smaller room.

    have not heard the L-26 but i guess theyr similar to 4301b witch starting to be my favourite jbl. they tend to smoke even bigger speakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolf
    Personally I have never liked the combination of HK/JBL. To much "stone". A "softer" amp like Luxman or Accuphase (witch I used on the L100 many years ago) is more like it.
    Yes, unfortunately it really does matter when selecting the system as a whole. It can be a real time consuming and tedious process to get the right combination of gear together that one will like.
    Quote Originally Posted by Figge
    have not heard the L-26 but i guess theyr similar to 4301b witch starting to be my favourite jbl. they tend to smoke even bigger speakers
    I've always viewed the L16, L19 and 4301 as nice little gems.

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    My original receiver I used with my 50's was the HK 330, great little reciever the only thing that I thought was weak was the tuner. If you are going to listen to radio at all you may consider something else although I have seen the 430 go for super cheap.

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    With smaller JBLs, you can do fine with a well chosen smaller amp. But, there is no such thing as too much power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusnzha
    Find a nice used Luxman receiver on ePay. L26s don't need huge power. My L100s do fine with 50 wpc.
    We've got a used Luxman R5030 receiver for sale here at work (Audio Atlanta). It's rated at about 30w/ch... since L26s are factory-rated at 35 watts (in the original literature), this should be a good match.

    Anyone interested, should PM or email me... we're asking $99.00 for it. It's in very good shape... one of the fellows I work with, has owned it since it was new.


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    Wondering how the L16 stacks up against the L19/4301b as far as sound quality? Looks like all three share very similar components/cabinet size with the L16 having oak veneer. Thinking of putting a second system togeather in a small room (10x12).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lancer
    Remember that the L26 is running that 2-inch coil and doesn't have a ton of magnet behind.
    Dear Mr. Lancer,
    I am a beginner here.
    Could you explained me a little more your statement I am quoting?
    Maybe you mean that a driver with a big coil and a small magnet benefit substantially from being driven by an amp able to source good amount of current?
    It is very important for me to understand this point.
    And moreover, does any speaker benefit from being driven by such an amp?
    As you can well understand I am in the process of replacing my current amp and I am gathering suggestion.
    My ideal amp would be an old Krell KSA50 but it is just to expensive for me.
    Any suggestion of low power high current amp would be very appreciated here.
    Thank you so much.


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