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Thread: crown dc 300a power amps

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    crown dc 300a power amps

    hello do any one know how good or bad are crown dc 300a amps are.this guy name joe put an ad in the washington post. selling old tube and solid state eq.he is some kind of audio nut like my self, but you would not belive all the audio eq this guy have. from altec lansing jbl mac sansui tube klipsh fisher marantz the list goes on and on. I ask him why not go to lansing heritage and sell all this stuff his reply was to much of a headache . any way he selling all this stuff dirt cheap. he told me he is not in this for the money, but he lives for good eq. but back to my quesiton how good is this amp I got 2 amps for 50 dollars each thanks gene

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    The DC-300A, some say this was the best sounding amp crown ever made! I say it is good for bass, if its enough power for your speakers, but most of todays speakers need considerably more than this amp can give. Still, has a certain sound on the bottom that I think is good.

    Up further into the mids and highs, I always thought the DC-300A was a bit grainy sounding, it will work though, not as refined as I like in the mids and highs!

    Hook em up, listen to them, and see what you think!

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    I just got my DC300A for $60 in mint condition

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    crown dc 300a

    scott I have two dc 300a amps .I am going to used mono blocks. one left and one right. thats 300 rms. my speakers are custom jbl. 12 cubit ft cabinet 18 inch 2245h/ 2202h mid bass/ 2425h with 2344a biradial horn and a 2404h high freq driver crossover at 250 hz to 1200 and 5000 khz. I hope 300 watts rms is enough power

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    DC300a= bullet proof


    You might be better of leaving them stereo and biamping a the 250 hz crossover point.

    As a result of the biamping at this crossover point (thereabouts) you get a effective 6 db increase in power to the speakers. ie 180 x 4 per side.

    Using a passive crossover will result in power losses and damping. The 2245 prefers to be biamped. it will most probably sound better.

    Great speakers, post some images if you like.


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    crown/amcron DC 300 a

    The dc 300 a are all I use after many years of dealing with the expensive stuff. I use the for JBL 4350 and 4435. The crown stuff is very reliable, but take the drivers along when they go due to DC output. I am still working at some DC preventer curcuits to avoid damage to expensive drivers, but time,,
    time.. time is like JBL's. You can not get enough.


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