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Thread: My living Room

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    Matty O

    My living Room

    My fiancee started getting creative with the camera Thanks for looking.

    Matty O
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    Nice look in the low light. Can't make out too much, bot looks like some vintage DBX gear in there. Some companders, and maybe a 4BX or an original 3BX?

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    The Big-Azz HL90 slant plates! You'd do Keith Emerson proud!

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    Jeez that's dark. Do you live with Lord Darth Vader?

    Looks great!
    Paying debt to Karma...

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    Matty O
    Thank you for the responses. The lenses have 2441's on them with dual jbl slots underneath. The processing is a new Urei 1620LE, vintage dbx 500 and 3bx, also the last expander they made, the 3bxds which I use as the main expander and if I want to hear the older one I just hit a buttom because it loops thru it. Also you will see the vintage Audio Technology VU meters. In the amp rack is 2 dbx 165A's and they work really well to warm up the digital Ashly protea EQ and protea crossover. I's been a long time collecting and growing this system over the years. the lenses came out of a club I dj'd at 20 years ago.

    Thank you once again,
    Matty Olson

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    Kraftwerk used to use one of those horn/lenses on stage in their rig & as a prop.

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