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Thread: xpl200 -dx1 -active crossover ? help !

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    xpl200 -dx1 -active crossover ? help !

    Hello .

    I am on the way on finishing my 250Ti project using an xpl200 crossover !!!.

    I read on the mxpl200 manual I can use :

    1 : Two amplifier in bi wiring mode ( 1 amp for low and one for high )

    2: two amplifier in bi amp mode using a dx1 crossover .

    My question if someone can help :

    A: I want to use a tubeamp for high frequency , can I go bi wiring with 2 amp and will it be close to bi amp ?.

    B: Dx1 seems not be available and I did not get the difference between dx1 and an active crossover like jbl 52xx or rane ac 2x ( i never use this kind of active crossover ! ) .

    Can i use an active crossover like rane and use 2 amp in bi amp mode in my xpl200 crossover ?

    I would apprecaite some help ; the thread I read alraday on dx1 are unclear to me .



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    You can use bi wire mode with any two amps. It is best if the two amps can be matched in gain, IE either the same gain or one having a volume control to adjust. This is covered pretty clearly in the manual. You would not use the switch on the back of the speaker, leave it in normal for bi-wire. DX-1 was just an active crossover with fixed crossover frequency, set up for specific JBL models. You can use another active crossover, just make sure that you can set the crossover frequency at 250 or 300hz.
    The only difference betwen the two modes is that when you use active Bi-amping you switch out the filters on the woofer. This improves the sound. The switch also lowers the frequency of the filter for the midbass driver, allowing the active crossover to control the blend between the two drivers. I have mine set up with an active crossover this way. It is an improvement, but not a dramatic improvement. I especially like that this allows me to adjust the woofer level independently from the rest of the speaker. When looking at the drive curves for the DX-1 I noted that they had given the woofer a bit more drive than the rest of the speaker. Only about .7db or so. I duplicated this on my active crossover, and I think that it gives a better balance.

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