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    My first kit project was from SWTP too, and the follow up to their Therimin.

    Thought I was a pretty good solder slinger until I tried to build the SWTP Kit. So many DPDT switches.... so many white wires...... so many off value resistors.

    Sorry, can't remember their kit name (their version of a Moog Sonic 6, simplified)only worked in private, was never able to show it running to a living soul.

    My best friend built the their therimin, he was one of the folks that wrote to Don Lancaster at Popular Electronics seeking assistance.

    All in all it was big fun.... and we're both still slinging solder well on 30 years later!

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    Off topic, sorry

    Quote Originally Posted by sonofagun
    Just in case anyone is mis-informed regarding this - this was NOT used to create the soundtrack for the movie "Forbidden Planet".

    Ann, what do you know about the Barron's who did this groundbreaking soundtrack?
    Hm, interesting stuff on the Barrons here:
    I don't know if I've even seen that much info about the Barrons come out on levnet, the theremin mailing list, where there are lots of great experts, both on building and playing.

    And I was wrong, Morbo, the Dorit Chrysler piece in discussion above is a composition of her own called "Tesla," not the theme from the "Spellbound" movie, nor of "Forbidden Planet." More of her compositions are here, under the subheading "sounds": html://

    Toddalin and Cyclotronguy, you might enjoy this link: . It describes a little bit the restoration of an old "RCA" theremin. Art Harrison's page at (scroll down to articles) is also of interest to builders.

    Another amazing link, you can hear Lev Theremin himself play the theremin here: , under the selection, "MY3bIKA", and then the second heading under "TEPMEHBOKC" (it's in Russian, in Cyrillic). The unmatchable Clara Rockmore is the first heading under "TEPMEHBOKC" there.

    Hope that's satisfying to y'all that are curious about theremins.

    Best, Ann
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