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Thread: JBL L Series (1990s)

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    Replaced the awful plastic base in the L7

    Fun project getting the plastic bases removed and replaced with Name:  4A06C8DC-6135-4381-82C2-36115875421B.jpg
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Size:  130.0 KBName:  612BC23C-1D42-4F9E-812E-4A9F5B431914.jpg
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Size:  70.8 KBa beautiful set of heavy steel spiking kits courtesy of my friends at RBH Sound in Layton UT. They rummaged around and found me a set of spikes they used to put in the T2 stacks.

    No way these will tip over and there so easy to move now. Just walk them where you need to go. They look dang cool.

    Name:  1EB48A9F-3972-4CEE-91B7-9D604E5BFF36.jpg
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    nice job on the L7. The original base is atrocious, as it is on the L5, but the weight of the L7 makes it unmanageable.
    Performance Series 5.1/1990s L1.L5.L7/L100A

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