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Thread: K 145 in 4530, love it

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    K 145 in 4530, love it

    After a long periode hearing the "new" old drivers,
    the bass is "furztrocken" and "knackig", sorry can`t translate.
    Who needs a sub ?? This is really one of the best JBL ever build.
    Reponse is also going down to 50 Hz. Upper bass is a little better because
    of the weight of cone.


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    I've fantisized about building a pair of 4530 style cabinets and building in the JBL 2390 golden slant plate lens on top, maybe with a TAD 4001 driver.
    My biggest concern is whether the E145 will go low enough, will it join with the 4001 well enough, and whether the 4001 will go high enough and sound good on that horn/lens combo. (It sure would look nice though!)
    Of course I could add a 2405, but that would defeat the 2-way concept.
    I could also change the 2390 for a Westlake wood horn, but maybe the 1.5" throat (TAD 4003 driver) would be better. Then, of course, I'd need either the TAD 4003 wood horn or find someone to make a 1.5" throat version of the Westlake. (Widget?)

    Would I like them more then my 4343s?

    Just some idle rambling.


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    listening to the k`s is a totally diffrent experience
    takes some getting used to
    because you can hear things you never heard before
    but the awsome amount of power and the shear levels of air they move with out distortion is absolutly amazing!!

    maybe not to your taste but put on van morisson and be prepared to be blown away

    daily volcano demo`s
    find out the truth
    tell`em morbo sent you

    mention lansing heritage for 10% off

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    My first JBL speakers were the 4530 with K145, so now you know why I'm still devoted to JBL!

    Boy, did those move the air and shake those legs on the dance floor...


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