Any of you listen yet?? I just got the version released with a DVD. If you can get that version. The DVD has two Hi-Res PCM tracks. A movie with 24bit 48Khz and 24bit 96Khz Audio only tracks. You end up with the full CD in 3 different sampling rates starting with CD 16bit 44.1Khz. Any decent DVD/SACD player will play the Hi-Res tracks at full resoultion which sounds real nice! The music is Neil acoustic with country roots showing his mellow side so no Crazy Horse hear at all. If you like him this way it's well worth it for just watching the movie of them playing in the studio sessions.

Opps I forgot we aren't nuance kind of guys so we won't be able to hear it anyway so nevermind.

Sorry I'll apologize up front for that remark but I couldn't resist