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Thread: JBL LE 5-2 driver dust central cup

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    JBL LE 5-2 driver dust central cup


    Could anyone please comment on JBL LE5-2 driver dust central cap form (that driver which was used in century L100 monitors):

    Should be the dust central cap be convex outside or hollow inside? And if I got ones which have hollowed inside caps does it mean the dust cap was pushed, so the cone was damaged?

    These pictures look different, even that the first cap looks like new.




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    Rumor is that inverted felt dustcovers sound best and have flattest response. Emprical testing revealed that hard plastic domes are the worst with rising response around 8 Khz.

    In the case of the LE 5-2 I also saw somewhere that different wire was used in the voice coil, some were copper and some were aluminum. others on the forum might know.

    I have a pair of LE 5-2s i am thinking of selling, The recent runup on eBay in pricing is truly remarkable

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    - Well, everyone who uses this 5" midrange should read the le5 Matrix Thread .

    - It offers definative information .

    - I've never liked metal or plastic dustcaps myself / but / I don't have an opinion on how that might translate into choosing a 5" midrange .

    <> EarlK

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    Quote Originally Posted by duaneage
    Rumor is that inverted felt dustcovers sound best and have flattest response.
    I'm so glad JBL went to the more expensive black painted aluminum center domes in the later LE5's.

    The LE5-2 really was "pretty bad". A period piece for sure. One engineer at JBL stated that they were pleasantly surprised how the transducer "cleaned up" when they went from alnico to ferrite.

    We won't go into how any of them sound next to the current generation JBL's.

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