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Thread: Titanium Dome visits Westlake Country

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    Titanium Dome visits Westlake Country

    I had the privilege of meeting yet another of our active members today. The Dome”ster” was kind enough to bring some great cd's that exercised the Westies quite nicely. Its always great to get another’s opinion on your own system.

    One thing he helped me decide was to leave the HR1’s a standard 4-way system. The addition of the 076’s or 2405’s had a metallic unacceptable quality that could be attributed to the diaphragms, horns/diffraction lenses?

    In any case, it was my pleasure to have him visit. Thanks Dome”ster”. Here is a picture of the young lad. And you all thought you knew why he called himself Titanium Dome!

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    Hmmm..... what did you say?

    Hmm, that is very close to the westlakes...

    Maybe too much loud music in the past.... for such a young lad? .... pardon?

    Regards Scott

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