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Thread: My 4410's

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    My 4410's

    I have a pair of 4410 studio monitors that I've owned for many years. Yesterday I removed the grilles and noticed that one of the bass speakers is deteriorating. The spongy part where the cone meets the frame seems to be disintegrating. I don't know what has caused this as I have never treated them badly and am the original owner.

    Does anyone here know what may have caused this? Is the other one doomed? More importantly, can they be repaired? What would be involved in a repair, any ideas on where to take them in the greater Riverside/San Bernardino area of southern California, and what one might expect to pay for this?

    I really like these speakers and would prefer to keep them versus replace them.

    Thank you all in advance for any help you can give.

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    Speaker Repair

    Hi SoCalGal,

    From your description, it sounds like your foam surrounds may need to be replaced. While I am not sure if Orange County is anywhere near you, Orange County Speaker appears to specialize in such repairs. I have a pair of 813s suffering from the same condition and I have sent the LF drivers there for refoaming. They have kits if you want to do it yourself or will do it for you. They really seemed to know the legacy JBL products and how to fix them.

    While I have yet to personnally hear their work, the consultation and response times thus far have been exceptional and prompt.

    Here is the link to their site,;

    I am sure they will be able to provide some assistance,

    Good luck with those 4410s,

    Jeff Z

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    They speakers can be repaired for about $40 a peice at any recone center. with time the foam surround will rot out, its a common thing and all of us here have done this repair to numerous speakers out there. You can take your speakers to Orange County speakers if you want. They do a great job. They are located in Garden Grove CA.

    Personally I would repair both of them even if the other one doesnt look as bad, because it is bound to go soon.

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    I just had my beloved 4430s refoamed at Orange Co speaker and was pleased with the turn around time and quality of work.

    They are located near Harbor Blvd and Westminster Blvd.
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    Nothing but good experiences with OCS. I would highly reccomend them.

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    A big thank you to all. What is weird is Orange County Speaker is where I originally bought them years ago. I'm so glad they are still in business and, better yet, can handle the repair.
    Funny how things go full circle.

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