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Thread: Altec Stereo preamp ?

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    Altec Stereo preamp ?

    howdy folks just looking for a little insight!!!!!......I was wondering , did Altec make a tube variety home stereo preamp ?........if so , any idea of the quality ?....what is the best home model tube preamp they did make , the 440 ?..........thanks , wllm59

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    Todd W. White
    Altec made some really NICE tube stuff for home hi-fi. Well behaved, lots of headroom.

    There's not a lot on the net right now on them, but I have a huge amount of scans of old Altec lit that no one seems to have that I am trying to get assembled for my website's library.

    Watch for an announcement on the ALTEC USER'S BOARD about it...

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    Several of the preamps are shown at:

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    Todd W. White
    Yes, but those are not the ones I meant - these were from later - into the 1960's before the SS stuff came out (which worked really well, too! - not the later stuff made by Hitachi: the ALTEC-made SS stuff!).

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