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Thread: Jbl L300: Bi amping

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    Jbl L300: Bi amping

    Hello, I'm Enrico from Italy.

    I'd like to bi amp a a pair of L300 Summit with two pair of mono amps...
    Does everybody here tryed to modify the original x-over?
    Is it possible?
    I know that there was a version of 4333 pro manitors that allowed the bi- amping, this x-over is so different with the L300 one?

    Many thanks to all,


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    No problem.

    Just mod your N333/LX300/3133 networks so they are like the 3133A networks.

    3133 network.pdf

    3133A network.pdf

    I'd personally build new and put your originals away but that's probably just me. Forget about the bi-amp switch, hard wire them for bi-amp only.

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    Thank you, Lancer.

    I think I'll try to directly build a 3133a, as you suggested.


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    L300 biamping

    Having been there I strongly suggest finding an outboard electronic crossover.I dont know what your budget dictates but bryston Canada are supposed to be good and there are lower cost alternatives out there.I used an old audio arts pro that I found for about 400 bucks Cdn and it worked well ,the only problem was the conversion of xlr to rca.

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