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Thread: L-88p help needed...

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    L-88p help needed...

    i have what looks to be a pair of L-88ps on the way that look to be in great shape. i have a pair of le5-2s to drop in them but after that nada on the rest of the items needed. how hard will it be to find an M12 kit,if one can be found at all? any other ways i could do this? any way i could fit L-100 crossovers to these if need be?thanks to all ,bill.JBL all the way!

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    how hard will it be to find an M12 kit

    Quite hard I would think.

    Build N100 networks.

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    Converting L-88P to L-100

    I just completed the exact same project on two pairs of L-88P's although I used LE5-5 midranges. (LE5-2's are too expensive and not worth the differnece unlet you are a nut for Alnico magnets).

    I completely built new crossovers using the L-88P schmatic PDF listed above. Note that the woofer and midrange are phased the same, the tweeter has reversed polarity. I bought new polyproplyne capacitors and gold push connectors from Parts Express. The L-Pads must have 1.125" shafts. I got the L-Pads from another source because of special length requirement. I also added the 0.01uf bypass caps in parallel with the two big caps. You will also have to find two more little black screwdriver slot knobs for the midrange L-Pads. L-100 crossovers off of ebay will NOT work for one reason; the spacing between the two L-Pads shafts is greater on the L-88P's than the L-100 but the difference is such that you cannot drill another clean hole. You could, I suppose, drill TWO new holes close to the old ones but make sure things fit inside if the entire masonite crossover plate is offset. I started with an entirely new piece of masonite for my crossovers and removed the tweeter L-Pad from the little piece of masonite. I wanted the screw heads of the new crossover base to ALL be exposed so I wouldn't have to destroy another nameplate if I had to remove the crossover. I got rid of the cast aluminum box on the back too. I saved all the screws and even the crossover plate tee-nuts for reuse.

    The last part of my project is to create artwork for new anodized aluminum nameplates with two holes for the mid and high adjustments. They will not be cheap. Would you be interested in paying $20 a piece for perfect replicas of high quality? let me know. I'm still in the computer design stage. If these were L-100 plates they would be easy to sell here and on ebay. because of the odd hole spacing, L-88P 3-ways plates would be harder to sell.

    John Lovda
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    I have a good working pair

    i have a good pair of the JBL P88 all in good shape i use them for djing live shows on my 300 watt crete amp for subs. i also use a main and sub system on the sub channels, they are working great only thing is the connection part on the back is missing so hard to tell what side is hot and ground but as long as you set the hot on one side on the same prong for booth they will be ok far as the proper sound thats required.

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