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Thread: Replacement L-Pads for L-88P (L-100)

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    Replacement L-Pads for L-88P (L-100)

    I am refurbishing two pairs of L-88P's and upgrading them to 3-ways (using Le5-5 mids) at the same time. The L-Pads used in these speakers have 1.125" long shafts. They must go through a 0.25" piece of masonite and the very thick front baffle of the enclosure. PartsExpress seems to only have shorter shafts; the longest being 1.0." Also, their higher power versions are out of stock until September. Anyone know where to get good quality L-pads with 1.125" shafts that are in the same price range as PartsExpress (and are in-stock)?

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    I'm probably stating the obvious, but did you try JBL professional parts? I bought some nice pots used in the 4430, but I don't recall the pricing.

    By the way, a pair of L-88 plus speakers were my first JBLs. Somehow they made it through a lot of parties in college!

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    We need to track down a source for shaft extensions, or at least shaft couplings. Straight sleeve couplings are about $5.00 at Pic and Berg. Their shaft extensions are pricey, tho....

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